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Question: Do You Have Client Success Stories?
Answer: In several instances, Daniel has helped clients achieve exponential growth in their business which has given them with the unique opportunity to finally purchase their dream home. This is an accomplishment for Daniel's clients which he is very proud of and honored to be a part of.

Daniel considers these to be his top 3 achievements thus far:

1. Boosting a business owners online presence for $499 and ranking them #1 in search. This resulted in revenue of $22,338 - a 4376% ROI.

2. Automating the workflow of a production company. Initially spending 1 hour to finalize a video, they now spend just 3 minutes - a 95% reduction.

3. Implementing monetization techniques for a website owner. The website so far has earned as much as $12,471.46 in a single month.

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