How to add new clients, maximize current clients and covert prospects automatically into paying clients in any Fitness Business.

The 5 email marketing system I use designed to drive in new clients and Up-Sell your current clients into a Bonus Program. This yielded 31 new clients and up-sold 26 of my current clients for the special two week program that I created (you’ll get all of that too!)

This is a pillar in my business that I’ve spent the last year perfecting. You (or your assistant) can simply put in your new prospects name and start date, then anyone can follow the system so you’ll never lose track of a prospect again – and 8 out of 10 new prospects will become clients!

Are you Ready to pull some serious cash from your Fitness Business? Here’s the ‘how to’ on offering and selling Paid in Full membership upsells to the clients that you already have. (plus I’ll show you the exact systems that I use to do this stress free)

Remember the Automatic Sales Funnel you put your prospects into during Stage 2? Guess what... It’s been working this whole time and... CONVERSION! You’ve got New Clients

Now that you’ve got your new clients, I’m going to show you how to ‘Up-Sell’ a Paid in Full membership (again) the right way.

Well my Fitness Friend, there you have it. Once you reserve your spot by grabbing this program, you’ll get exclusive access to The Fitness Business Automatic Sales Funnel System Page where I will take you through step by step each email that you will send (yep you get all of the emails you’ll need for this program) and I’ll walk you through each stage of Intake, Track and Convert portion of this program. Simply put I don’t know if you’ll make $30,512.00 in the next 61 Days. BUT I do know that IF you grab your access to this program, and implement the Stages, you will add new clients, leverage your current clients, and pull in some serious profits in the next 61 days.