Daniel C. Adams
Web Designer West Palm Beach

(561) 247-4396    daniel@daowner.com

The Basics

Sole ProprietorI'm a sole proprietor, meaning a one-man business. This is the best business model when you're looking for direct contact with the person in charge!

Established In 2008I've been doing business since 2008 and have worked with hundreds of people from across the US and Canada!

Based in South FloridaI am based in South Florida in the city of West Palm Beach.

Professionally CertifiedI obtained my certifications in 2003 from The Microsoft IT Academy of South Florida. Certifications acquired include CIW Associate, CIW Professional and Master CIW Designer!

Fully QualifiedI have real client testimonials, client references and over a decade of real world experience!

The Benefits

No OutsourcingWith the exception of print orders (I send them to my printer in Miami), I handle all orders personally and do not outsource your project to any other individuals or companies.

Fast Turnaround TimesYou'll be surprised at how quickly things get done around here!

Flat-Rate PricingYou'll never encounter an unexpected bill working with me. Flat-rate pricing ensures you know exactly what the costs are from the very start!

100% Guarantee On All WorkI offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of my work!

The Beliefs

I Understand The Value of MoneyI believe you should get the most for your money.

I Understand The Value of TrustThe world is full of scammers and liars. I don't lie. I don't scam. You can trust me.

I Understand The Value of TimeOne of the few things I'm not very good at: wasting time. I won't waste yours.


Get To Know Daniel C. Adams

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Printed Flyer Sample That I Designed

Printed Flyer Sample That I Designed 2

Printed Flyer Sample That I Designed 3

Printed Product Label Sample That I Designed

Logos I've Designed

Large Companies I've Worked For

Video Production Sample (Audio/Video Editing, Copywriting, Hired Voiceover)

Website Samples

(1) TatteredSaints.com

(2) WatershedSaloon.com
Bar and Grill

(3) MandroidPower.com
Supplement Brand

(4) NationalCOGIC.com
Christian Social Network

(5) modishSTYL.com
Online Boutique

(6) DenverFitnessBootcamp.com
Denver Fitness Company

(7) AutoPilotFitBiz.com
Fitness Business Opportunity

(8) KatVanderMeer.com

(9) AscensionRS.com
Addiction Recovery Services

(10) PhorthDimensionz.com
Design Company

(11) NowYouSeeItPhotos.com

(12) RonaldGaffney.com

(13) JasonHubbardLaw.com

(14) RodriguezLawnService.com
Lawn Care Company

(15) WinData-Inc.com
Meteorological Company

(16) DrainCleaningColumbusOH.com
Plumbing Company


"Words can't describe how pleasant of experience it was. He exceeded my expectations when it comes to website development. I had never had a website created before and he made my vision come true right before my eyes. The functionality and look is exactly the way that I desired it to be and He was very attentive and accommodating when it came to my expectations. The fact that he was in Fl and I'm in VA never was an issue at all. He was very pleasant to work with and I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with."
Danielle T.

"He is committed to his work, he takes his business seriously does his job with care and quality. I appreciate the work he done to help."
Earl W.

Texts & Emails

Top 5 ways customers describe my services:
1. Described as "great" (12 times)
2. Described as "perfect" (7 times)
3. Described as "awesome" (7 times)
4. Described as "good" (7 times)
5. Described as "amazing" (2 times)

Top feelings felt by customers regarding my services:
1. Feelings of "love" (6 times)
2. Feelings of "excitement" (2 times)

(1) "Ok, Daniel, the transfer is complete! Ok, now I trust you! I will order from you on a regular basis!"
Joy H.

(2) "I noticed that we are showing up on google on the first page now."
Heather G.

(3) "Looks really good."
Jeff O.

(4) "It looks amazing, thank you for all your work, patients, time, and effort. You exceeded expectations brother. You'll be recommended to other people interested in sites man."
Al T.

(5) "It's perfect"
"Love it"
"Wow you are amazing! I love them All lol"
Jasmine W.

(6) "Excellent work thanks :)"
Dan N.

(7) "Looks great, keep rolling bro"
"You're our guy!"
"That looks good man."
Steve S.

(8) "Great looks good."
Raymond H.

(9) "Awesome so far."
Doug V.

(10) "You are the only intelligent person I've spoken to about this issue."

(11) "You did a great job the website is user friendly"
"Great it works perfectly"
"Your the best dude"
"Thank you for the completion great job"
Ferenc M.

(12) "Awesome. Looks good. Its just what I was looking to do."
John F.

(13) "Thanks. Appreciate your help and your professionalism."
Eliana G.

(14) "It was a pleasure doing business with you.....I would advise anyone they could depend on you."
Steven E.

(15) "It's good!!!"
"I love it send file"
Etta T.

(16) "Wanted to stop and tell you thanks so much. Your work is truly appreciated. Thanks, Happy New Year!!!!!!"
"awesome. well done!"
Johnathan B.

(17) "Awesome and awesome! Let's make this puppy live! Great work on this one:)"
Devin B.

(18) "OK press page looks stunning. Thanks for your swift work I appreciate it!"
Adria A.

(19) "I had success! Thanks for your help!"

(20) "That looks awesome man!!!! "
Alex H.

(21) "Thanks Daniel...Great Job!! I'll be in touch when I need more work."
Gary J.

(22) "I love it! I think it looks great. Your gift is awesome..."
Patricia M.

(23) "By the way I could not be happier with the ad..it is one of the few things, I mean very few, that through this whole 4 years mess has me really excited and I thank you for being one of the few people that actually had creative initiative."
Jonathan E.

(24) "PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you."

(25) "Looks good when do you want to meet and do this also what about business cards?"

(26) "looking good sir!"

(27) "Media kit looks and works great, thanks."
Herb S.

(28) "Hey there, I didn't get a chance until now to really look at the [photo] touch up on my computer. I was just looking at it on my phone so it was a small screen. Now that I can really see it, I f*cking love it. Pardon my language, but I am really excited now."
Nyamka A.

(29) "You did awesome bud my wife loves it."
Jesus G.

(30) "Perfect thank you"
Jonathan R.

(31) "Thanks for everything, it looks great"
Scott T.

(32) "Ok perfect , Looks Great, thanks!"
Guillermo L.

(33) "I will be sure to let you know if we need any help on the future or if we point any business your way. You've done a great job"
Christian B.

(34) "Hi, it's perfect! Thank you."
Francisco V.